Can the can

I was talking with my friends at the Cool Chile Co a few days ago about the different brands of seitan available in the UK. Following our chat, I went on a quick exploration of my usual shopping haunts to see if any new wheat meat products had passed me by recently.

And one had. Wheat chunks in a tin!

Wheat meat in a tin

Wheat meat in a tin

I am not sure how long this canned seitan product has been available in the UK, but my discovery in Vx last week marked the first occasion I had laid eyes on it.

Sadly, I am yet to taste the Nuvale Vegetarian Cubes as I flew out of London for Mexico City before I could attack the product with a can opener. Have you tried the chunks? What are they like? What is your favourite ready made seitan?

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1 Response to Can the can

  1. dropscone says:

    Topas smoked slices are my favorite for eating straight out of the packet.

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