Try your potluck

London Vegan Potluck is legendary.

When I started this food event back in May 2011, I never thought it would become the runaway success it has. On the first Wednesday of every month, up to 100 vegans and vegan curious people converge on our Holborn location to share homemade food.

It has been a true thrill to watch the potluck grow from its humble beginnings of just 20 people inside Brixton market to the huge crowds it now attracts. We have enjoyed a record attendance of 110 people while most potluck nights come in around the 80 mark.

London Vegan Potluck gives attendees a chance to show off their culinary skills and learn from others. A strength of the event is the friendly competition that has sprung up, encouraging people to come up with inventive, tasty and unique meal ideas. It encourages and inspires potluckers.

The potluck is also a safe and friendly space for new or potential vegans to investigate plant-based eating. Long term vegans and newbies interact, share recipes and give each other tips on how to make the best vegan food they can.

The following photos were taken at the February 2014 London Vegan Potluck. These dishes were just a sliver of the amazing range of food being shared.

Cinnamon shortbread stars

Cinnamon shortbread stars

Hot lentil caviar

Hot lentil caviar



Mango cupcakes

Mango cupcakes

London Vegan Potluck has its own page on this blog where you can find out when the next event is taking place and how to get there.

You can also join the Events by Fat Gay Vegan Meetup group. Every potluck is listed there.

My mailing list will keep you informed of all coming events, too. Subscribe here.

See you at London Vegan Potluck soon!

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