Closed in Kentish Town

First it was Mella Cafe, then it was Saf Restaurant and Bar. Now a vegan friendly restaurant and coffee house in north London has also disappeared.

If you ever got the opportunity to dine at Muya Ethiopian Restaurant, you undoubtedly loved their cuisine. It was irresistible. It wasn’t a vegetarian restaurant but they had a separate vegan menu that was unrivalled in the capital.

But they have closed and London vegans are the poorer for the loss.



The vegan menu featured delicious traditional Ethiopian stews packed with vegetables and spices, served with a seemingly never-ending supply of injera. A vegetarian platter was always more than enough to fill us up and truth be told, we often struggled to finish.

I phoned the number listed on the Muya website and a recorded message instructs callers to keep checking the website and Facebook page for updates on where the company will show up again. I hope they resurface soon.

Did you ever eat at Muya? Share your memories below.


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2 Responses to Closed in Kentish Town

  1. Nooooo! I’m so sad about this. It was in a great location with Bumblebee and the Third Estate just near by too! I did get to eat there but only once and it should have been many times more.

  2. SisterHavana says:

    Conveniently near the Forum, used to go there with bands.

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