Meals on flights seem to belong in two camps. Either they are awful or they manage to be just OK. My recent British Airways flight back from Mexico City to London involved food of the fairly awful variety.

My expectations were high after the decent dishes I was served on my way over to Distrito Federal, but the reality was disappointing.

The main meal was an uninspired and unenjoyable mix of rice and vegetables, a cup featured barely ripe fruit pieces while the salad was overfilled with slimy mushrooms.

I didn’t even attempt to eat the dessert as it looked like it was made with dairy milk and was not labelled as vegan. Actually, my entire meal was labelled vegetarian as opposed to the vegetarian/vegan label on Josh’s meal. This is why we pack out own snacks, right plant eaters?

The only thing worse than the meal was the movie I watched during the trip. If you get a kick out of dreadful films, watch Austenland.

Check out the photos below and see all my inflight meal posts here.



Slimy salad

Slimy salad

Unripe fruit

Unripe fruit

Dairy dessert?

Dairy dessert?

The film was the perfect match for the meal

The film was the perfect match for the meal


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6 Responses to Dull

  1. Rachel says:

    My recent flight back to NZ from the UK involved similarly disgusting food. I flew with Cathay Pacific.

  2. Yuck and double yuck! That ‘salad’ looks gross. Hope you ate we’ll before the flight 😉

  3. Donna says:

    Last month I flew for the first time since 2003, from the U.S. east coast to California. The airline was no longer including meals with the flight, they would need to be purchased separately on the plane or in the airport. I went through 4 airports and was pleasantly surprised to find that 3 of them had full vegan and/or vegan-friendly restaurants in the terminal! Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

  4. RadiantFlux says:

    I’ve recently flown Berlin-Melbourne on BA to Hong Kong/Singapore and then Qantas from Asia to Australia. The meals on BA were pretty bad – some a bit better than shown, some not. It’s also not 100% clear that BA is offering vegan anymore – their food is listed as vegetarian – non-lactose. Qantas was much better – it’s still aircraft food – I had quite tasty peanut sauce noodles for instance. Also all their meals are listed as vegan. Not sure if Qantas’s quality is the same between Asia and Europe.

    Only problem with Qantas is that it now goes via Dubai, one of my least favorite airports. BA does Singapore which has a fantastic food market upstairs, with lots of vegan options. Hong Kong on the other hand has hardly any vegan (or vegetarian options).

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