Ice cream defeated me

The Vegan Ice Cream Wars have left many casualties throughout a long and tumultuous history. Sadly, the FGV himself (that’s me!) is the latest in a long line of the fallen.

I should learn restraint, but I don’t have an off switch when presented with a full tub of chocolate ice cream. I keep eating until there is nothing.

Yi is the newish kid on the block when it comes to dairy free dessert and I was keen to get my chubby paws around a tub. The container I purchased in Whole Foods Market was a substantial price and came with the warning usually associated with the ingredient xylitol. You know, too much will result in frequent trips to the toilet.

After eating the entire tub in one sitting, I didn’t need the bathroom but I was left with an incredibly sore tummy. I was defeated by vegan ice cream.

The flavour of the product itself was nice enough. Unfortunately, my greed-induced pains erased most memories of the actual ice cream. I know it’s my own fault.

Here it is anyway.

Don't eat all at once

Don’t eat all at once

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7 Responses to Ice cream defeated me

  1. kdisleaze says:

    Nice package! 😉

  2. Claire Barker says:

    I hope you are fully recovered.

  3. Oh gosh not xylitol! Definitely had bad experiences with that stuff…

  4. The trials and tribulations of a vegan fatty…hope you’ve learned your lesson! 😛

  5. A noble way to go. I salute you, sir!

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