Treats for me

Josh has been in the USA for the past week and a half in Tampa and Philadelphia. I missed him greatly and it was wonderful to welcome him home today… especially when I saw the jumbo bag of vegan snacks and treats he brought with him!

Check out the drool-worthy photos of my bumper haul below.

Are any of your favourites here? Anything you are curious to try?

apple maple beyond cheddar crackers dandies gardein mayo mozzarella nugo provolone ricemellow soup swiss uptons

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14 Responses to Treats for me

  1. dropscone says:

    Mmm, jealous of that haul, especially the peanut cookies and marshmallow creme. Next time someone goes to the states I’m going to ask someone to bring me back some Hampton Creek ‘Just Mayo’. The company seems to have a similar ethos to that of Beyond Meat.

  2. dropscone says:

    …although a Guardian article from September last year says it’s coming to wholefoods in London in January! I wonder if that happened?

  3. Hi says:

    Do those things not need to be refrigerated for the flight? Is there a strategic way of packing perishables so that they don’t go off?

  4. totallytera says:

    Daiya is amazing! (Especially in grilled cheese.) And I haven’t tried that particular Field Roast, but their Italian sausage is fantastic. Also, Gardein anything and Beyond Meat (at Whole Foods in Las Vegas they serve them buffalo wing style in the deli)… so good. Such a great selection!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Extremely jealous. The late July peanut butter biscuits are really nice, I have ordered them from iherb before. Would love to try daiya

  6. Val says:

    I’d love to try the Daiya products as I also have to be gluten & soya free. Also the Ricemellow depending on the ingredients.

  7. Wow, that looks all very exciting! Peanut butter crackers and Daiya would have to be the first on the to try list though 🙂

  8. You’re so spoilt 😉
    I still need to try Field Roast, and Apple Maple? yum!

  9. Gardein burgers are the best! I had one yesterday, and today I had the Gardein chick’n burger, which tasted like bacon.

  10. Cathi Darling says:

    Looking forward to Veganz opening in London, hopefully they will carry much of this lovely stuff!

  11. “Unfortunately, after Josh had put all this in his suitcase, there was no room left for his clothes …”

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