Brazilian feast

To anyone who thinks they have eaten the most delicious food in the world, I respectfully inform you that it gets better.

Last week marked the second event in my month of Friday night supper clubs known as Around the World with FGV and Vanessa of Essential Vegan gave attendees a culinary experience they won’t forget in a hurry.

Vanessa started the proceedings off by serving an irresistible selection of Brazilian bar nibbles including cheese bread, polenta sticks and cassava chips.


Cheese bread




Polenta fries

The main course was a master class in Brazilian eating involving Vanessa demonstrating how to assemble the many components of the feijoada including rice, black beans, spring greens, oranges, vinaigrette sauce and toasted manioc flour. My diners joyously gobbled up every morsel.



Just when everyone thought the main couldn’t be topped, Vanessa presented the dessert. The Romeo & Juliet tart was a taste sensation featuring vegan cheese and guava paste inside pie crust.

Romeo & Juliet tart

Romeo & Juliet tart

Follow Essential Vegan on Twitter to keep up to date with all of their food adventures. Also, get down to Brick Lane (the food court known as the Boiler Room) to visit the Essential Vegan market stall every Saturday and Sunday. Their cakes, biscuits and eclairs (yes, eclairs!) are second to none.

Essential Vegan at Brick Lane

Essential Vegan at Brick Lane

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5 Responses to Brazilian feast

  1. newyork69 says:

    OMG! That looks incredible – can’t wait to have some of those goodies when I get back!

    Or, Sean darling, you can come over and bring some…??? 😛

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  4. Mark Snell says:

    This was a superb meal! Vanessa’s cooking is a true delight, as it is both comforting and extremely delicious. It was a true Brazilian experience and Vanessa’s obvious enthusiasm for tasty vegan cuisine at its best is very infectious. If you don’t have her Essential Vegan cookbook yet, you should buy it (! We haven’t stopped trying things out from it since we’ve had a copy 🙂 Wonderful.

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