Best vegan cake in Europe

I have been racking my feeble brain for a witty or whimsical way in which to announce this epic news, but I have been reduced to a quivering mess and can no longer think. I’m going to just have to come straight out and say the facts.

The best vegan cakes and desserts in the whole of Europe are now available in London.

If you have been loitering around these parts of the Internet for a few years, you should be able to recall this mammoth post I wrote about irresistible vegan cakes in Barcelona created by the magical company known as Lujuria Vegana.

Their cakes are absolutely peerless in Europe. I am a super fan.

Imagine then my sheer delight/shock/convulsions of hysteria when I was confronted by masses of Lujuria Vegana desserts sitting in the chilled fridges of the brand new Whole Foods Market location in Fulham. I almost fell over.

The range in Whole Foods is staggering in size. You can see by the photos below that I was completely unable to control myself and bought many varieties. I was overcome by a cake buying frenzy.

As far as I can tell, this particular Whole Foods Market is the ONLY place in the UK selling these gluten free and vegan desserts. I had heard whispers of them making inroads over here but this is the first time I have seen them on a store shelf.

Check out my photos (yes, I bought ALL cakes featured). Get to Fulham. Buy many cakes. Be happy.

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apricot cheesecake chocopeanut praline rasp choco round

straw white choco

Now look how pretty they are on the shelf. Tell me I was weak to buy so many!

shelf shelfthree shelftoo

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8 Responses to Best vegan cake in Europe

  1. Mark Snell says:

    I am vegan, I love cake, I live in Fulham. My day has just been well & truly made! Thank you FGV 🙂

  2. Oh. My God. I might have to go tonight! Looks amazing.

  3. Here in Barcelona we have been enjoying those fabulous cakes for some time. Now it’s your turn. Warning: they’re addictive!

  4. Aaaaah! So excited about this! I lived in Barcelona for 6 months when they were supplying to Gopal and their carrot cake is the best I’ve EVER had.

  5. Mega cakes! Must get along to Fulham…

  6. kdisleaze says:


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