FGV meets FVC

I met my cat equal last night and it was instant love.

I dropped by the house of my pal Pink Primate last night for food at a local restaurant, catching up with gossip and perusing the local stores of her neighbourhood. It was a lovely evening with friendly people, but the true highlight for me was meeting Sweeney the fat vegan cat.

We were instant best friends.

I’m hoping Pink Primate can jump into the comments below and let us know about the vegan cat food she buys. I would also love to hear from other cat-friendly people regarding their views on cats and vegan eating.

Can all cats be vegan? Is it expensive? Are there any vets that support vegan diets for domesticated cats?

Fat Gay Vegan and Sweeney the fat vegan cat

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7 Responses to FGV meets FVC

  1. fatgayvegan says:

    Here is a link to a post written by Pink Primate, in which she talks about Sweeney and cat veganism! http://cookievonstir.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/53-weeks-later.html

  2. Rachel says:

    When I had dogs (they got old and died) I fed them a vegan diet for a number of years. The vegan pet food I bought was excellent and the company make a version for cats – VeganPet. They’re based in Australia though so I’m not sure whether you can source it in the UK but the woman who makes it has quite a bit of information about feeding cats a vegan diet and she’s a lovely, lovely lady. My dogs certainly thrived on the food.

  3. Jess says:

    Following these comments. We have (rescue) cats and a (rescue) dog. I’d love to put them on a vegan diet but have been advised by three vets not to do it.

    • Unknown says:

      Listen to your vets. Vegan diets are horrible for dogs/cats. They were never designed for such foods and they lead to a number of health problems.

      • fatgayvegan says:

        I am not comfortable having an ‘unknown’ person making scientific claims on my blog. Please reference your sources or provide a link for people to get in touch with you. Otherwise I will be deleting your comments.

  4. kdisleaze says:

    Gorgeous! 🙂

  5. Robyn says:

    I live in Seattle USA, and I feed my dog and 3 cats a vegan diet. I can buy a few different brands of Vegan dog food and my pup loves all of them. She especially likes it when I sprinkle a lil nutritional yeast on the kibble. My cats also get fed vegan cat food. I don’t have the bag around, but I think it’s called Amni cat or something like that. I believe it’s French. Anyways, I can only buy it at the all vegan grocery store in Seattle, but the $50 bag last me almost a month feeding 3 pigs….I mean cats 🙂 Anyways….all my vegan pets are thriving!!!!!! My dog is 13 years old and has way too much energy!! Me and my animal’s have been vegan just over 3 years. Oh and my cats LOVE nutritional yeast as well. IF you care to know….I found this blog by clicking on the link from the Homegrown Smoker website. I agree…they have the BEST VEGAN FOOD. I’m lucky to live only a 2.5 hour drive from Portland.. 🙂 I can’t wait to go on a vegan vacation to your town 🙂

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