Tempeh on Leather

There must be something about Leather Lane that attracts the veggie food crowd. This curiously-named London street is now home to not one but two vegetarian sandwich stalls. Get eating down Leather Lane!

A short while ago I wrote about the glorious sandwich I enjoyed from Killer Tomato and now the Mexican sandwich stall has company in the form of a vegetarian Indonesian-style tempeh vendor, located on the opposite side of the lane.

This is a brand new business with a few kinks to iron out, but you can’t fault their enthusiasm. The owner makes his own fresh tempeh (a rarity in the UK) and it is fried and seasoned right in front of you on the stall.

All you have to do is pick your fillings, pay your money and eat a delicious tempeh wrap.

Word of warning: even though the stall is emblazoned with the words ‘100% vegetarian’, they bizarrely have a sauce that contains real fish. The owner told me he cannot find a replacement for this ingredient, which doesn’t sound completely believable to me. My pal Messy Vegetarian Cook conjures up all sorts of southeast Asian cuisine requiring fish sauce and her stuff is delicious. She has even shown me a bottle of vegan fish sauce she bought in London.

Get along for a tasty treat, but remember to voice your rejection of the fish sauce.

menu stall tempeh wrap


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5 Responses to Tempeh on Leather

  1. fresh tempeh?! That is exciting. I’m a big tempeh fan so it’s always been annoying that we literally have 2 companies producing commercially here.

  2. Will says:

    Thanks for the write up, and I’m glad that you enjoyed our tempeh wrap!

    I just wanted to add that we’ll also be selling our raw tempeh (freshly harvested) in a few weeks time from our ‘warung’ (around mid-May time) and we’ll announce this on our website and facebook – our web address is: http://www.warungtempeh.com

    Regarding the (non-veg) sambal, we use traditional Indonesian terasi paste in this (which includes dried krill) to ensure true authenticity – which is particularly valued by our Indonesian and Malaysia customers. However, we will be offering a purely vegetarian alternative from next week as well.

    Great blog by the way!!

    Will (Warung Tempeh)

    • cookievonstir says:

      Your stall sounds great, are there any plans to have gluten free alternatives for us poor coeliac tempeh addicts?

      And are you going to clearly mark the veggie vs non veggie stuff? Just to be pedantic 🙂

      • Will says:

        We don’t have any gluten free alternatives yet, but it’s something I’ll look into and if there’s the demand to support the additional items/ingredients then why not?

        Regarding the non-veggie sambal terasi (it’s only one sauce), it’s clearly marked on the menu as such (and everyone who orders this is also reminded that it’s non-vegetarian so there’s no oversight).. so I don’t think anyone would end up with it inadvertently.

        I’ll let you know if we introduce a gluten free range, and we’ll soon be selling our fresh raw tempeh (in a couple of weeks) so people can cook with it as they please!

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