I overdid it at the soda shop

Here is some quick and tasty news for you.

Buy vegan soda in London that is delicious!

I have been hearing good things about new(ish) soda company Square Root and was keen to get it on my chubby tastebuds. This Hackney-based company make all their drinks by hand from seasonal ingredients and they sell them from a gorgeous vintage tricycle fitted out with taps from which they pour the tasty liquid.

I stumbled upon them at the South Bank food market last weekend and I was instantly drawn to the rhubarb variety. It was outstanding. Other flavours included lemonade, ginger beer and root beer.

The owner was happy to chat about the vegan suitability of the products and also told me the company is now selling bottled versions of the sodas in cafes and shops around east London.

Follow Square Root on Twitter and be on the lookout for these drinks as you scurry around the East End.

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2 Responses to I overdid it at the soda shop

  1. kdisleaze says:

    Yum! And, especially great for the coming summer months! 🙂

  2. Carolyn Stapleton says:

    We have their whole lovely range at Black Cat, there’s a cucumber soda coming soon, can’t wait!

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