Three whole years

Did you plan on coming along to London Vegan Potluck last night but didn’t make it? These photos are your punishment.

I started this event three years ago and I have watched it grow in popularity since our humble beginnings in Brixton. I think we started with 20 attendees in May 2011 and now our numbers vary between 60 and 100.

I often find the event to be extremely tiring and a lot of work to pull together, but people love it and that is what keeps it going. People get to explore veganism in a friendly space and many attendees have been inspired to take up compassionate eating on a full time basis due to the support and camaraderie they get from events like the potluck.

Many thanks again to the following companies that came on board for our celebrations last night. It would be fab if you let them know via social media how much their support means to the vegan community.

  • Ms Cupcake donated a pile of brownies for the potluck table as well as a £10 gift voucher for the raffle
  • Vegusto supplied us with their amazing vegan cheeses as prizes
  • Moo Free Chocolates handed over some samples for the tables and raffle prize
  • Veganicity are experts in vegan supplements and they sent some along as prizes
  • Mr Prempy’s came along to talk to us about their raw cakes as well as hand out samples
  • The Rabbit Hole Vegan Hair Salon generously donated a voucher for a wash, cut and style as a raffle prize

Check out some of my Instagram photos from our 3rd anniversary celebrations last night and let me know in the comments what it is you love about London Vegan Potluck. Do you have any fond memories? Has it helped you? Did you meet new friends? Why are events like this important?

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4 Responses to Three whole years

  1. dropscone says:

    I couldn’t make it because I had something suspiciously like norovirus over the weekend and didn’t want to risk infecting people. Gutted I missed it 😦

  2. dropscone says:

    Sorry, I also meant to add well done for keeping going for three years! You’re a treasure 🙂

  3. kdisleaze says:

    That looks orgasmic!!!! Well done!! 😀

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