Travel kindly

My bag is packed (almost) and the excitement is starting to kick in. This Friday I am jumping on a flight to Southern California for a brief vacation and lots of sunshine.

I have grand plans that include seeing Steven (one of my longest-serving and dearest friends) who now lives in San Diego, drinking/eating my own weight at the LA Vegan Beer and Food Festival and taking in some live performances by my favourite artists (Jill Sobule and Suzanne Vega).

This blog post isn’t just to boast about my fun trip. I also wanted to let you know about the special travel-size personal care products I purchased from Superdrug for my journey.


I have written on a few occasions about my love for the cruelty-free value to be enjoyed by shopping with Superdrug but this is my first mention of their travel range.

Almost anything you would want or need for a holiday can be sourced in this mini size. The bottles and containers come in under the allowed volume for cabin inclusion, meaning you can pack them in your hand luggage. This is fantastic if you only want to travel with one bag. No waiting around at the luggage carousel and you still have everything you need.

Of course it is all incredibly inexpensive. You have got to love Superdrug for their commitment to making cruelty-free care products at low prices. Everyone can afford to be vegan on holiday!

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