Cake glory

I wanted to share this photo for two reasons.

1. Oh my. Can you believe how amazing these giant vegan cupcakes look? I saw this incredible line up in Whole Foods Market San Diego and was more than impressed. Come on London stores, get on it. I want over the top vegan cupcake designs.

2. I didn’t buy one. I was so overwhelmed by the choice I actually couldn’t decide on one. I stood there for roughly five minutes and then walked away calmly. I am a bad FGV, for sure.

Which one would you have picked?


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Fat. Gay. Vegan. Vegan everything including events, beer, food, PR and travel.
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5 Responses to Cake glory

  1. Jess Fox says:

    I think it would have to be the Octopus! Yes! I’m voting Octopus for EU MEP//UK Prime Minister! 😛 Oops… I’m mixing up the questions you’ve posed today….! Vote Octo– I mean…. I’ll have the Octopus!!! 🙂 xx Safe Travels Sean!! See you when you get back!! :)xx

  2. Brooke says:

    Holy cats, dude! Which WF was this? I’m in SD and usually go to Del Mar or UTC. Was it Hillcrest? HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS?

    Hope you enjoyed your time here! 🙂

  3. kdisleaze says:

    One of each – are you mental? 😛

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