Drive thru

San Diego has everything to make this FGV happy.

Vegan donuts? Plentiful and decadent. Can I get nutritious and delicious soul food that is still cruelty free? Sure thing. Gay dive bars, Native Foods, gorgeous beachside neighbourhoods, farmers markets everywhere and vegan Mexican food? Yes to all of it.

Then surely it doesn’t have a fabulous vegan fast food restaurant with drive through window? It couldn’t that awesome, right?

Check it out. Evolution Fast Food is what every compassionate person deserves to have in their life.

I have eaten at this food outlet several times over the years and I am never disappointed. Actually, I am the opposite of disappointed. Every visit leaves me scratching my head and wondering why there isn’t a place like this in London.

Follow Evolution on Twitter and then browse the photos below. Pay special attention to the chocolate and vanilla soft serve swirl, the bacon cheeseburger and the chocolate milkshake.

This place is vegan food heaven.








soft serve

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13 Responses to Drive thru

  1. Where can we get vegan donuts? Thank you for the article

  2. kdisleaze says:


  3. kdisleaze says:


  4. kdisleaze says:


  5. Where in San Diego can you get vegan donuts?

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  7. Will try it. Thank you for suggesting it. Tired of going to Vegas for donuts

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