How much

Being a frequent traveller, I am used to the exorbitant prices charged for food items at airports. I am not sure if the food vendors are paying a premium for the space or they have just discovered people will pay anything because they are trapped in that location.

Let’s play a guessing game.

How much do you think I paid for this vegan salad at Los Angeles International Airport last week? The answer is below the photo in US dollars. Take a guess and then scroll down to see how close you were.

cobb closed

cobb open


Ready for the answer?

Answer: $16 including tax.

Is that a lot of money for a salad? What is the most expensive airport meal you have paid for in the past? Tell me below!


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8 Responses to How much

  1. Currency converter says that’s £9.57. I mean it looks like a delicious salad and there is a lot of it, but I think a little creative license has been added to the price. Travel food – what a nightmare!

  2. Mary H. says:

    Ooh- we paid close to $50(US) for some salad and drinks at CDG in Paris. Nothing else was open and we had a stopover on our way to Nairobi. Ridiculous!

  3. That is ridiculous! 😦 Like you, though, I would have gone ahead and paid it so that I could have something healthy and vegan to eat. Crazy!!

  4. Anette says:

    Not so chocking. My guess was 20$…. Norway is an expensive place you know 😉

  5. Angela says:

    I guessed $14-$16 so I guess I was about right. That really doesn’t sound bad for airport food, especially if it was good. Crummy airport food costs about that or more so I wouldn’t mind paying that for something decent.

  6. kdisleaze says:

    Was it nice at least? 😉

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