How many snacks?

I have been busy catching you up on the amazing meals I enjoyed during my recent Southern Californian vacation, but a lot of what I consumed wasn’t from any restaurant.

Check out the photos below of all the vegan snacks I got my chubby, queer hands on. There is a huge range of plant-based products featured, some of them are my old favourites and some are newly discovered tasty treats.

Do you like the look of any of the following snacks? Are any of your faves featured? If you could only pick one, which one would it be?

(The vegan pizza slice is from Two Boots in Downtown LA)

bobos chipotle seitan chips eddie garlic dip go macro kale nugo pizza pockets popcorn pro bar ricemellow seitan silk soyrizo taquitos turtle trails wings

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1 Response to How many snacks?

  1. kdisleaze says:

    OMG!!! Vegan butter popcorn and Nugo Dark and caramel looking ice-cream!!! 😛

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