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Damn fine cookbook

Josh is popping in to tell you about a new vegan recipe collection we got our grubby hands on this week. Take it away, Josh… I love Christmas. Actually that’s a complete lie. I bloody hate Christmas and the orgy … Continue reading

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Tell me the world is ours

Nothing hits me like a solid pop song. There is something about a well-crafted song drenched in snare and bouncing with bass to make me love life just a little bit more. But it can’t be just any pop song … Continue reading

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Who knows you can’t be replaced

I’m in love and for once it is something other than vegan food. Welcome to a music post with a vegan twist! One of my hobbies is to troll around the Internet looking for music that tickles my fancy. I … Continue reading

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Pushing the night into the daytime

Long before I was fat and vegan (gay always), I spent a lot of time in a seaside town that Australia forgot to close down. My friends and I constantly lived on the verge of adventure and despair as we … Continue reading

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I guess this sound is soothing

If you visit this blog often, you could be forgiven for thinking my days are stuffed solid with cruelty-free food and alcoholic beverages. It is true I like to overeat and I do enjoy a tipple, but I also make … Continue reading

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