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Cheap as chocolate

It is a wonderful time of year. A time of year I always look forward to with great anticipation. No, not spring. It’s time for discounted vegan chocolate. Here are two delights I picked up this week in the post-Easter … Continue reading

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Ice cream defeated me

The Vegan Ice Cream Wars have left many casualties throughout a long and tumultuous history. Sadly, the FGV himself (that’s me!) is the latest in a long line of the fallen. I should learn restraint, but I don’t have an off … Continue reading

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Give yourself to the dark side

I feel sorry for people who celebrate Christmas. All that money spent on gifts for other people when they could be buying vegan treats for themselves in Hotel Chocolat. A few days ago I ventured into the Waterloo Station location of … Continue reading

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News you can eat September 2013

What do imitation duck, advent calendars and oversized chocolate bars have in common? Answer: the FGV monthly news round up.

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Loco for Coco

You don’t find yourself in the position of being a fat, gay vegan without knowing your way around a drop of chocolate or two. I love bars, coated sweets and anything containing vegan chocolate. It’s part of the territory when … Continue reading

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Buy this bar

Here’s a quick FGV recommendation. Buy this bar. Chocolate topped oats rarely get beaten in the taste and satisfaction stakes and the new Trek cocoa oat flapjack is staying true to this rule. Trek have mastered the perfect mix of … Continue reading

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I know you’ll take another

As a sugar-loving vegan, certain times of the year are tougher than others. My recent trips to grocery stores and supermarkets have been met by a familiar sight for this time of year. Christmas shopping frenzy means I am confronted … Continue reading

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Gimme that Pudology

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck, I am sorry to say you also missed out on one of the best vegan dessert products to ever be available in the UK. But don’t be too sad… Pudology tubs are spreading across the country … Continue reading

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Let me hear that, let me near that

You all know about inSpiral, right? Yeah you do! It is London’s very own superstar vegan cafe and bar that is a veritable powerhouse producer of gorgeous vegan snacks. Everything about inSpiral makes me love them. They care about the … Continue reading

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I’m throwing my arms around Oatly

I’m not sure anything could take the place of Silk chocolate soy milk in my FGV heart and tummy, but a new discovery is certainly giving it a run for its money. It is so good, I have been literally … Continue reading

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