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Who in London

Exciting news for pop music fans. Properly exciting news. Remember when I raved about vegan pop performer Betty Who? You don’t? Go here and here to remind yourself of how I lost my heart to Betty Who. Now that you are up … Continue reading

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Who am I that I come to be here?

Time for a quick poll. What consumes the attention of a FGV most? Choices for answers: 1. Eating vegan food    2. Traveling    3. Morrissey Well done to the readers who put a circle around all three answers. Let … Continue reading

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Toffee apples delight me

I am enraptured with cider. Apple and pear varieties will often be found glistening in a glass or bottle close to my lips. It is my drink of choice and I often proclaim that nothing is more delectable than cider. … Continue reading

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