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Recall alert

I was perusing the free from aisle in my local Waitrose today when I saw the following product withdrawal sign. If you are having trouble reading the sign, it states the dairy free chocolate covered raisins by the Fabulous FreeFrom Factory have … Continue reading

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A slice of vegan history

Read to the end for a free Ms. Cupcake recipe! I thought sitting down to write a blog post about the release of the Ms. Cupcake cookbook would be a simple process that involved reviewing the book, saying how much I adore her … Continue reading

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Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle

I was starting to think I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming Bowl For Oceans fundraising party for Sea Shepherd UK, but then this happened… There are companies that make nice food, there are companies that do good things for others … Continue reading

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Gimme that Pudology

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck, I am sorry to say you also missed out on one of the best vegan dessert products to ever be available in the UK. But don’t be too sad… Pudology tubs are spreading across the country … Continue reading

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More food in the sky

Following on from the wildly-popular posts about airline food (one by me and one by my friend The Vegan Butcher), I put out an open call for readers to submit their own stories of vegan food served in the air. … Continue reading

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Who knows or cares what an imitation is?

Guest post time again. Josh is super excited about a new range of vegan products that are changing the shape of high street shopping and he really wants you to know. _______________________________________________________________ It’s a vegan revolution – no really! Tesco … Continue reading

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I’m throwing my arms around Oatly

I’m not sure anything could take the place of Silk chocolate soy milk in my FGV heart and tummy, but a new discovery is certainly giving it a run for its money. It is so good, I have been literally … Continue reading

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Stay calm. Don’t freak out.

So you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to vegan candy and chocolate? Be prepared to have your entire sugared-confectionery schemata redefined. The ridiculously-talented people behind Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolates just can’t help themselves. They are literally compelled to … Continue reading

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I eat eggs

Of all the religious celebrations that I opt out of, Easter seems one of the strangest. Can someone enlighten a FGV with atheistic tendencies? Why do people imagine a giant bunny is hopping around leaving chocolate eggs in nests? As … Continue reading

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I’m all about fudge

The vegan ice cream wars have been rather quiet lately. Old favourites such as Booja Booja and Swedish Glace have been keeping me company but there hasn’t been much competition to speak of. I have been trundling along with my … Continue reading

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