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Cool as ice

It must be a struggle for parents and carers of young children to navigate the minefield that is modern day junk food. Every high street store in the country is packed to the rafters with fat, sugar and artificial additives. … Continue reading

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Keep it kosher

I don’t plan my eating around religious concerns, unless you consider indiscriminate vegan overeating a religion. My food consumption, like all areas of my life, exists outside organised religion. But my food atheism certainly doesn’t prohibit me from benefiting from┬ábelief┬ásystems … Continue reading

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Vegan ice cream wars into overdrive

Every now and then something unexpected comes along and changes my life. My existence is peppered with random signposts, events and life-altering moments that have impacted deeply upon me. One such occasion occurred last week as I was innocently trolling … Continue reading

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I’m all about fudge

The vegan ice cream wars have been rather quiet lately. Old favourites such as Booja Booja and Swedish Glace have been keeping me company but there hasn’t been much competition to speak of. I have been trundling along with my … Continue reading

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Feeding frenzy

It might technically be the middle of winter, but I’m in a summer lovin’ kind of mood. Josh and I just spent four glorious days of sunshine in Florida where we soaked up the goodness of tropical weather. My current … Continue reading

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I light this candle

One of the true joys of traveling for me is experiencing unexpected food delights. Just when I least expect it, something tasty and delectable and intriguing pops up begging to be consumed. I always oblige. It would be impolite not … Continue reading

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Love me tender

There is a vegan food revolution sweeping the world and I’m making sure I have a front row seat. Fry’s Vegetarian have already established themselves as one of the world’s finest vegan food companies in the world. The South African-based, … Continue reading

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