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Free vegan food in Brixton

  If you didn’t know, I run a PR business. I only work supporting vegan companies or products. As a rule, I try not to promote my clients on this blog but if my blogger and PR roles ever intersect … Continue reading

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When they’re halfway down your gullet…

Loving Hut in Camden is a good place to go for cheap, tasty food. Like all of the Loving Hut locations worldwide, the food is plant-based and the menu never breaks the bank. I have written about it previously here and … Continue reading

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Petition time!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN or read on for more details Do you remember when we all joined together as one vegan superpower and got Holland & Barrett to reverse their decision to not stock the Fry’s Vegetarian frozen vegan product range? Well, we … Continue reading

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Keep it kosher

I don’t plan my eating around religious concerns, unless you consider indiscriminate vegan overeating a religion. My food consumption, like all areas of my life, exists outside organised religion. But my food atheism certainly doesn’t prohibit me from benefiting from belief systems … Continue reading

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Some hope and some despair

It is no secret that I eat extremely well… and by well, I mean a lot. Food is a passion of mine and I am always seeking and searching for new experiences. Enter Vgango.

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Or just make pies all day

This January is an exciting time to be in the UK. The days are slowly getting longer, Spring is in the not-too-distant future and Fry’s Vegetarian are unleashing a slew of new vegan products onto the masses. You probably already … Continue reading

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Love me tender

There is a vegan food revolution sweeping the world and I’m making sure I have a front row seat. Fry’s Vegetarian have already established themselves as one of the world’s finest vegan food companies in the world. The South African-based, … Continue reading

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