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Buy this bar

Here’s a quick FGV recommendation. Buy this bar. Chocolate topped oats rarely get beaten in the taste and satisfaction stakes and the new Trek cocoa oat flapjack is staying true to this rule. Trek have mastered the perfect mix of … Continue reading

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I think I love you

I didn’t get to be the FGV by eating a well-balanced diet and attending pilates everyday. My kitchen has often witnessed crimes against food decency while oil, sugar and too much of too much are usually my staples. However, I … Continue reading

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Heather my dear, there’s a new flapjack in town

Isn’t the word ‘flapjack’ a bizarre thing? Where on Earth does it come from? I would love to know the etymology of the word flapjack. Answers on the back of a Morrissey postcard, please. While I sit back and wait … Continue reading

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