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How many snacks?

I have been busy catching you up on the amazing meals I enjoyed during my recent Southern Californian vacation, but a lot of what I consumed wasn’t from any restaurant. Check out the photos below of all the vegan snacks … Continue reading

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Coconut everywhere

Coconut-based foods are taking over the world. I literally can’t get my head around how many new coconut products are popping up each week. One of the leaders of this surge is Bessant & Drury. Th company has been producing one of … Continue reading

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Eating en DF

I have just woken up from an afternoon nap in my rented vacation apartment in Mexico City. In a short while I will be getting dressed and having a few sips of mezcal before heading out for some early evening … Continue reading

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Seasonal madness

This post is one of the shortest in the history of my blog. I simply wanted you to know about this Christmas-themed product at Tesco. I was too scared to try them, so I am hoping someone can post a … Continue reading

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Never enough: the final chapter

Like all good love affairs, my recent dalliance with vegan snack across the USA had to end. I’m sure it wasn’t the reality, but my memory leads me to believe I ate from the time I set foot on San … Continue reading

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Never enough again

My consumption of vegan snacks during this trip through northern California and Oregon is nothing short of staggering. All of the brands and products MUST be consumed as and when they catch my eye, otherwise I will return to the … Continue reading

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I think I love you

I didn’t get to be the FGV by eating a well-balanced diet and attending pilates everyday. My kitchen has often witnessed crimes against food decency while oil, sugar and too much of too much are usually my staples. However, I … Continue reading

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That’s your bloomin’ lot

There used to be a store I frequented as a younger person called Popcorn Palace. This maize emporium was located in a shopping mall on Australia’s Gold Coast and with my hometown just an hour or so away by car, my … Continue reading

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So you don’t have to

I’m going to start this negative review by saying no one could be more surprised by FGV not liking a potato-based snack than FGV. I am so obsessed with potato, I’m not far from eating it raw. I eat it … Continue reading

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Let me hear that, let me near that

You all know about inSpiral, right? Yeah you do! It is London’s very own superstar vegan cafe and bar that is a veritable powerhouse producer of gorgeous vegan snacks. Everything about inSpiral makes me love them. They care about the … Continue reading

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