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Can the can

I was talking with my friends at the Cool Chile Co a few days ago about the different brands of seitan available in the UK. Following our chat, I went on a quick exploration of my usual shopping haunts to see if … Continue reading

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Cheese and cheese

Following years in the vegan cheese wilderness with little more than Cheezly to keep us alive, vegans in the UK are absolutely swimming in the stuff. A new dairy-free cheese seems to pop up every month. I don’t know where it is all … Continue reading

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Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party was superb

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came to the first-ever Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party  on Saturday September 29, 2012. If you missed out, take heart in the fact we are doing it all again on October 13, 2012. Tickets … Continue reading

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Have you tried Wheaty?

In an ever-increasing market of vegan meats, there are a few definite standouts that always manage to find their way into my FGV basket. Redwood produce stunning rashers, roasts and sausages. Fry’s Vegetarian sell fabulous schnitzels, nuggets and strips. Rest … Continue reading

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Be my guest

If you follow me on Twitter, you will already know I am eating and drinking myself into oblivion in Los Angeles. I am having a fab time in my favourite city and have eaten in some of the best vegan … Continue reading

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London Vegan Potluck 4 review

The London Vegan Potluck is becoming something of a phenomenon. On the first Wednesday of each month, London food enthusiasts are coming together en masse to create one of the best vegan social events in the UK. This FGV is … Continue reading

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Say vegan cheese

Every now and then something so revolutionary comes along, it turns the vegan world upside down. Vegusto is one of those things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! During the last few months I have been enjoying a new vegan … Continue reading

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Boutique in my backyard

How do you judge the appeal of a city? When and how does a location ‘arrive’ as an internationally-recognised destination? Some people will hold a city up against an arts and culture criteria. It becomes relevant when it can be … Continue reading

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