You’re not right in the head

… and this is why I like you.

Use these links to discover who, what and where is important to a FGV.

Social networking

London Vegan Meet Up Group – amazing online group of vegans looking to meet up


Quarrygirl – the leader in the field of vegan blogs and a fellow Morrissey lover

Vegan Dad – amazing food creations from someone I wish was my parent

Messy Vegetarian Cook – some of the best vegan recipes online

Clothing and accessories

The Third Estate – super cool clothing and vegan shoe store in London, UK

Grocery stores

People’s – huge organic and vegetarian co-op in San Diego, USA

Rainbow Grocery – super-sized vegetarian co-op in San Francisco, USA

The Green Edge – the only 100% vegan grocery store in Brisbane, Australia

Unicorn Grocery – vegan shopping utopia in Manchester, UK


222 Veggie Vegan – my favourite vegan eatery in London, UK

Foodswings – delicious and greasy vegan goodness in Brooklyn, NYC

Loving Hut Brisbane – A Supreme Master outlet in my hometown in Australia

Native Foods – ever-expanding chain with wholesome and delicious food in the USA

Sweet stuff

Go Max Go Foods – makers of the best vegan candy bars in the universe

Ms. Cupcake – honestly the best vegan cupcakes in the world (and London, UK)

Bessant & Drury – some of the finest vegan ice cream anywhere

Vegan Treats – stunning dessert creations on the USA’s east coast

Causes and animal welfare

Hope Pastures – horse and pony sanctuary in Leeds, UK

6 Responses to You’re not right in the head

  1. lessercraft says:

    Hello! If you are on Facebook, please “like” my page! Oly Vegan – Vegan lifestyle in Olympia, Wa. !

  2. Alan Martin says:

    jiust come across your site, thumbs up!

  3. Ruth says:

    Love it, from a Morrissey OBSESSED vegan radio show host of The Species Barrier, Ruth. Xx

  4. I love Native Foods, there’s one near my house! Their Sesame Kale Macro Bowl is amazing! Celeste 🙂

  5. What about Terra Terre?? Lovely Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant in Brighton! 🙂

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