London Vegan Potluck

Come one, come all to the friendliest food event in London. On the first Wednesday of each month, vegans and vegan-friendlies gather in a celebration of fabulous food in a very cool location.

Have you got an interesting vegan recipe you’ve been keen to try? Do you want to impress other vegans with your superb cooking skills? Would you like to eat delicious food made by fellow London vegans?

If you answered “Yes! Oh please, yes!” to any or all of the above questions, London Vegan Potluck needs you.

London Vegan Potluck

Entry fee: £1

June 4, 2014   6pm – 8pm

Faraday House

48-51 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AE

This venue is a spacious room provided to us by Syracuse University London Program. The potluck will be in the basement auditorium which is large enough to hold 100+ potluckers and we are extremely grateful to the University. The space is fantastic and the perfect home for our monthly event. You won’t be disappointed!

The venue is a 3 minute walk from Holborn Underground Station (Piccadilly and Central Lines) and is serviced by a massive number of bus routes (map available here as a PDF).

On arrival at Faraday House, the friendly reception staff will welcome you and point you in the direction of the potluck.

What is a potluck? A potluck is an event where like-minded people get together to share homemade food, swap recipes, make friends and talk about topics that interest them.

What is a vegan potluck? It is the same as a potluck but with vegan food! There is no dairy, meat, honey or eggs. The food can be sweet or savoury. Our event requires potluckers to provide an ingredients list with their dish as well as utensils to serve it with if required and a plate or dish to serve it on. This is a helpful resource if you are unfamiliar with hidden animal ingredients in food.

Who can attend? Simple answer: anyone. If you want to share food you have made and eat food others have made, you are a perfect candidate for the London Vegan Potluck. You just need to RSVP using the comments section at the bottom of this page. We need to keep track of numbers for plate/cutlery purposes. YOU MUST BRING HOMEMADE FOOD IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND.

What about drinks? You cannot bring drinks instead of food! Any drinks you bring must be in addition to food you have made yourself. Please make sure any alcohol you bring is vegan.  Barnivore is a good resource for checking vegan alcohol. In addition, Sainsbury’s, The Cooperative and Marks & Spencers supermarkets advise on the label whether their alcohol is suitable for vegans. Bring cups for serving if you bring drinks!

RSVP below. Start planning your dish. Be bold and creative. Be simple and dependable. Either way, cook to impress. Spread news of the potluck far and wide. We have a huge amount of potluckers every month and this event is set to be just as spectacular.

You can also RSVP on the Events by Fat Gay Vegan Meetup group and the Facebook event page.

See you all at London Vegan Potluck!

6 Responses to London Vegan Potluck

  1. Roxanna says:

    Hello,is it too late to RSVP? Would like to come with my bf! Thanks.

  2. Lisa says:

    Would this sixteen-year-old, non-Londoner be able to attend one of your potlucks? I’ve been on a successful streak of vegan baking recently…

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